Our Student Organizations

Santa Barbara City College is home to a vibrant community of over 50 student clubs and organizations. ASG oversees and supports these clubs by chartering clubs, administering club grants, facilitating the Inter-Club Council, and planning a Club Day each semester.

ASG SBCC clubs
ASG SBCC clubs

Club Chartering

Students who wish to form a new club must submit a Club Roster and Club Constitution to the ASG for approval. Existing clubs must also resubmit a Club Roster to ASG each semester to remain active.

Club Grants

All SBCC clubs have the opportunity to receive funds from ASG that they may use to organize events, projects, and activities. The current limit for club grants is $200 per semester. Clubs that are interested may fill out an application.

Inter-Club Council

One representative from each active club serves on the Inter-Club Council, a body that discusses important club issues and helps make club-related decisions. The ICC meets monthly.

Club Day

ASG organizes Club Day each semester, a colorful and energetic event at which all active clubs are invited to set up booths, recruit new members, and promote their events, projects, and activities.