Protecting our Planet

The Sustainability Committee works towards making SBCC more sustainable and environmentally-friendly and implementing the SBCC District Sustainability Plan.

Our Mission

The Santa Barbara City College Sustainability Committee acknowledges global climate change and affirms their commitment to The Santa Barbara District Sustainability Plan. Through the organization of student led initiatives the committee will promote sustainability on campus through educational projects, environmental consciousness, and policy implementation.


Student-driven Projects

The Sustainability Committee prides itself in the amount of student involvement in our projects and organization. We recognize the abundance of talented and passionate students on campus and strive to give them the resources to turn their ideas into a reality.



The Sustainability Committee is relatively young - founded in 2017 when the Commissioner of Sustainability, Jackson Hayes, recognized the need for a professional society of driven students who wished to focus on tangible projects and real change. The committee’s first members were selected as recognized student leaders from the Student Sustainability Coalition, the Biology club, the Earth Day Committee, and other campus organizations. Our first set of projects are scheduled to be completed and implemented by the end of the 2017 Spring Semester.


The Sustainability Committee is divided into 7 subcommittees, each dedicated to a different aspect of sustainability.


Water Consumption

The Water Consumption Subcommittee strives to improve water conservation at Santa Barbara City College by promoting awareness and consciousness of efficient water use.  We intend to be a resource, catalyst, and advocate for environmental conservation on campus through education and outreach.


Sustainable Food

The Food Sustainability Subcommittee is committed to providing information on alternative and humane food options for all, as well as promoting health consciousness in the Santa Barbara community


Outreach and Implementation

The Outreach and Implementation Subcommittee of Santa Barbara City College strives to promote a district wide enthusiasm in the creation of an environmentally conscious community.


Sustainable Landscaping

The mission for the Sustainable Landscaping Subcommittee is to increase implementation and education around permaculture and sustainable food production systems along with creating an example world wide for how to create sustainable food systems for institutions and essentially create an ethical redistribution of resources amongst the colleges.


Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency Subcommittee will develop student-lead education and outreach programs that encourage energy efficiency and educate students on renewable energy implementation for 21st century society.


Waste Management

The Waste Management Subcommittee will implement student ideas that strive towards reducing waste on campus while educating individuals on how to reduce their own footprint and lead a more environmentally friendly life.


Sustainable Transportation

The Transportation Subcommittee will educate students on effective ways of sustainable transportation and give them the means to change their habits to reduce single occupancy vehicle usage.

Damian Moon

Damian Moon
Waste Management Officer

Jorie Mitchell
Water Consumption Officer

Andrew Compton
Energy Efficiency Officer


Robert Coronado
Sustainable Food Officer

Joey Slade
Transporation Officer

Nick Hofstatter
Permaculture Officer

Conrad Lightfoot
Education Officer


Ivan Arevalo
Waste Management Officer


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