The Student Legislature

 (Strike all Student Senate/Legislature to ASG) The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the Associated Student Government, as well as its most powerful body. The Senate plays an important role in the decision-making process at the College, representing students' needs and concerns on key campus issues. Only the Student Senate has the power to take stances on issues on behalf of the entire student body, amend the ASG Bylaws and Standing Rules, approve the annual ASG budget, and appoint new ASG Officers.

The Student Senate is comprised of 6 annually-elected Officers and 12 appointed Officers, and is chaired by the Associated Student President. It meets a minimum of once a week to conduct the students' business.

The Senate meets every Friday at 9:00 AM

Excluding school Holidays and Finals Week.

Senate meetings are always open to the public. Members of the public have the opportunity to address the Senate on any Agenda item as the item is being discussed, as well as on any other subject matter within the Senate's jurisdiction at the end of each meeting.