In Spring 2016, Sebastian joined the ASG. Since joining, he has held three different offices—beginning as a Senator, then being elected as the Public Relations Officer, and finally nominated and appointed as the Parliamentarian of the Association.

Sebastian’s expertise lie in economics and his keen ability to make rational decisions. As a member of the ASG, he has tirelessly advocated on international student’s behalf and has overseen the largest structural change of the ASG since its conception in 1961.

As the Parliamentarian of ASG, Sebastian is responsible for ensuring proper parliamentary procedure during Student Senate and Executive Committee meetings. He is the chief authority on ASG governing documents and suggests amendments to these documents with the goal of creating the most optimal student government. He chairs the Governing Documents Revision Committee.

Sebastian is an international student originally from Sweden. He is the President of the Economic Club of Santa Barbara and Editor in Chief of the EC Journal. He studies Economics and hopes to transfer to a 4-year university in Fall 2017.

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