Club Room Revamp

Commissioner of Clubs & Organizations Maggie Hodgins is excited to begin working to remodel and revamp the Club Room in the Campus Center. This goes far beyond a fresh coat of paint—Maggie wants to provide clubs with new resources and technologies to allow them to grow and thrive.

Student Housing

Student Housing

Student Trustee Emily Gribble is spearheading the effort to solve SBCC's student housing crisis. Working closely with school officials and the local community, Emily and the ASG are exploring many different creative solutions to finding affordable and safe housing for all students.


Faculty Colloquium

The ASG and Commissioner of Academics Cristian Walk are proud to work with SBCC's Faculty Colloquium in organizing interesting and meaningul monthly lectures on a diverse array of subjects, featuring SBCC faculty from many different departments.

Open Textbooks

Vice President of External Affairs Bryanna Siguenza is working to dramatically reduce and even eliminate textbook costs for SBCC students by encouraging faculty to use Open Educational Resources, or OERs, in their classes. OERs also have Creative Common licenses, which means that faculty are able to edit them as they wish so that they can be tailor fit to their class and teaching style.