Cristian decided to join the ASG because of his passion for government and public policy. He has been involved in student government, at various positions, for almost three years. He is a first-year Political Science and History major, with hopes to someday attend a UC and go on to graduate school.

Since he started his political career, Cristian has always been looking out for the student’s interests; while vigorously trying to increase the amount of students who participate in politics (school-wide and at all other levels of government). With the help of his fellow officers, he is striving to have an ASG that works for students.

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Faculty Colloquium

Cristian Walk, along with Professor Mark McIntire and the Faculty Colloquium Committee, have been striving to give breath to the life of ideas here at SBCC. From history to physics and everything in between the Colloquium gives faculty the chance to share with the student body what they are truly passionate about.