Meet next year's Officers

Each Spring, the students of Santa Barbara City College are tasked to choose a handful of exceptional individuals to represent them on the Associated Student Government.

This year's Candidate Elects are a diverse group students passionate about building a better City College. Learn about them below.


The Chief Executive Officer of ASG and official student representative of the Association. Chairs the Student Senate and Executive Committee. Serves on highest-level college committees and attends various college functions and events. Recommends such measures as they deem necessary for the welfare of the ASG. Reports monthly on the state of the Association at the Board of Trustees meetings. Liaison to college Superintendent.

Charlotte Donnay Rochard

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Makes all student appointments to college-wide and internal ASG committees. Ensures accountability and effectiveness of ASG Officers, and provides Officers with resources they need. Holds the various committees of the ASG responsible for their own efficient conduct. Provides orientations for new Officers. First in the line of succession, after the President. 

Vice President of External Affairs

Represents the ASG outside of SBCC, including at the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC), at monthly Region VI meetings, and at all conferences deemed important by the ASG, in addition to all other groups not directly associated with the College. Acts as a delegate at the semesterly General Assembly of the SSCCC. Second in the line of succession, after the Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Vice President of Operations & Finance

Supervises all financial activities of the ASG. Draft the annual ASG budget. Make recommendations to the ASG regarding all financial appropriations. Keeps the Association’s financial records in accordance with law. Ensures the effective and efficient functioning of all operations and possessions of the Association. Third in the line of succession, after the Vice President of External Affairs.

Student Trustee

Serves as a member of the SBCC Board of Trustees, delivers reports to the Board, serves on the subcommittees of the Board, and acts as a liaison between the ASG and the Board of Trustees; is well-versed in Board Policies and Administrative Procedures, and aids the Senate in understanding and complying these policies and procedures.

Student Advocate

Unequivocally argues for the interests of marginalized students and student groups, and actively reaches out and makes themselves accessible to the student body in order to receive critical feedback, including students’ concerns, criticism, and ideas for improvement. Challenges all policies, procedures, and persons that disrupt the needs of students.

Photography by Michaela Wahlstroem and Isabelle Sinibaldi.